Home Tour with Anders Forup in Copenhagen

Copenhagen is full of very creative people, people who make it all seem so easy, people who juggle multiple companies, while also maintaining the perfect family life. Anders Forup, the founder of handcrafted cph, is one of such people.

I have been following Anders for years, and his always happy nature is so catching, even when its via his stories on Instagram. Anders has made a name for himself selling handmade jewelry out of the corner store in Vesterbro, Copenhagen, while also selling vintage furniture just a few doors down at Dansk Form.

Today, we will all get to know him a little bit better and get a sneak peek into his amazing new home in Copenhagen – packed with vintage pieces.

Please introduce yourself?

I’m Anders Forup – I make jewelry and have a passion for vintage furniture

Who lives in the house?

Me, my wife and our 1-year old daughter

When and why did you move here?

Last summer – to get more space and a garden

What changes did you make before moving in?

The floors were polished, the bathroom was changed completely, colors on the walls and we had a cabinetmaker create a lot of custom made solutions in solid oak around the apartment

What didn’t you want to change?

The kitchen

What objects hold a special meaning for you?

Most of the things I have found on travels or on vintage- and flea markets – they tell a story

How do you choose which items enter your home?

Like Willam Morris (English textile designer) said so well: It has to be useful or beautiful

How has your style evolved over the years?

It has become more timeless. I carefully select my interior pieces so I know I will keep them for years and years. And most of my interior pieces are more or less vintage now. There is so much high quality vintage furniture out there at the same prices as new furniture, so it makes little sense to me to buy new things – and it’s more sustainable.

Which materials are important to you?

Solid wood

When are you happy at home?

I’m always happy when I’m home

What is your favorite spot in the apartment?

My office

What’s your favorite oldest interior piece and what’s your favorite latest purchase?

My Wegner organizer in my office, which was made for Aarhus city hall.

My latest purchase is an oil painting by Ville Jais Nielsen with a woman in a chair reading a book. It hangs in my kitchen and I really love the colors and the atmosphere.

Which interior piece are your dreaming about owning?

A 1-meter tall Erik Thommesen figure

What was your best ever vintage bargain?

A Wegner desk at a flea market

If someone wants to start hunting for vintage treasures, then what’s your best tips?

Research to find the small local markets and be there early and take your time

Which designers should you look for when vintage shopping at the moment?

All-time favorites; lamps by Vilhelm Lauritzen, stoneware by Saxbo and furniture by Hans J Wegner. But honestly, I don’t care that much for designer names, some of my favorite pieces in my home are of unknown designers/makers.

Any specific vintage pieces you would recommend looking for right now?

I’ve always had a soft spot for still life oil paintings, graphic lithographs, wooden sculptures and kitchenware along with furniture in oak (and pine furniture is slowly creeping into the mix too).

3 favorite Instagrammers?

Hard to name the favorites, but I enjoy

All photographs by Allan Torp

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