Home Tour with Brian & Rene in Copenhagen, Denmark

On my daily commute I pass Bjarke Ingels famous Mountain Dwellings, which I have always admired. It is such a clever building, because every apartment has a private, enormous balcony. A couple of years ago I connected with two of my followers, who happen to live in this stunning building – and luckily for me (and you) they invited my in. And as their home is perfectly decorated with modern and vintage finds, I had to persuade them to let me share it in my home tour. They agreed! So here it is. Brian and Rene both love Copenhagen and have lived in this apartment for 6 years, they live the best life with lots of travels (they just spent a week at the newly opened Casa Cook Chania, Crete) and when home, weekly Sunday brunch at their favorite hang-out. Keep scrolling for my interview and lots of great interiors.

Please introduce you guys?

I am René. I work as an Assistant Principal. Brian is a chef in a big law office. We have been together for 9 years.

When we are not working, we like to relax at home, going to the gym, seeing friends. We love to eat out and feel privileged to live in Copenhagen with everything the city has to offer: good food, nice coffee shops, museums and shopping of course…

Who lives in the apartment?

Just the two of us.

When and why did you move here?

We moved to this apartment 2013. Before that we rented an apartment and decided it was wiser to invest in an apartment of our own. An important priority was to find a place with a private outdoor space more than “just a balcony”.

Architect Bjarke Ingels´ famous and award winning building Mountain Dwellings has always fascinated us, so when one of the apartments in the building was put up for sale we were lucky to get one.

What changes did you make before moving in?

The living room is quite big, so we made an extra room to be used as an office/guestroom. Besides that we didn’t do anything.

What didn’t you want to change?

The great light in the apartment.

The apartment has a great light because of the floor to ceiling windows, so when we made an extra room we wanted the top part of the new wall to be glass so the light still could pass through

What objects hold a special meaning for you?

Brian: An old Peter Hansen painting I inherited from my father and the bust standing in the courtyard of Oscar the second of Sweden.

Rene: My books. Unfortunately we can’t have them all to be placed where you can see them. We have many books in the closets and in the deposit room because we haven’t got the space. A dream is to get a huge bookshelf build to fit them all.

How do you choose which items enter your home?

We both get inspired when we visit friends and family to see how they furnish and decorate. Cool Hotels can be a good inspiration as well.

Instagram is a HUGE inspiration. It’s such a cool media where it is so easy to get inspired about almost everything: food, restaurants, travel places, hotels and of course interior design. Every month we also buy different magazines where to get inspired. Even though things happen on instagram nothing beats looking through a good old-fashioned magazine of paper.

How has your style evolved over the years?

Bit by bit we have actually replaced quite a few of the furniture we brought into our relationship 9 years ago. Of course something is still here but we have picked many of our furniture together. Luckily we are both fond of the classic Danish design and got quite few items gradually. 

Our style changes all the time though – not by replacing the furniture – but by moving the furniture in the apartment and placing the interior pieces in different places. We just never get totally satisfied – there is always a little change to make that could give a better look J

Do you always agree on the interior? If not, how do you go about choosing one over the other?

Its easy – Brian is colorblind so René wins

Which materials are important to you?

Natural materials. Wood, marble, stone, nice fabrics – and most important – NOTHING shiny

When are you guys happy at home?

When the sun is shining and we are outside in the courtyard eating, drinking, sunbathing, reading ect. – Just relaxing. The apartment feels so much bigger when the weather is good and we open the doors.

In the wintertime we are happy under the blankets couch surfing while watching series on Netflix and HBO.

Spoiling good friend with Brian’s good food and wine is definitely also on the topscore on when we are happy at home.

What do you think makes a welcoming home?

The Danish word “hygge” describes it pretty good. It’s this special feeling when it all comes together: The people, the talking, the candles, the fresh flowers, the food and the wine. Wine is important.

A welcoming home is a home with personality. You can actually see who lives there. When we have guest we want to spoil them. Food and wine, or just a good cup of coffee – and of course a nice hand soap on the guest toilet. It’s the little things that make a welcoming home and we hope and believe our friends feel it when they visit us.

What’s your favorite oldest interior piece and what’s your favorite latest purchase?

Brian: My favorite oldest interior piece must be the Peter Hansen painting. Latest favorite purchase must be our new garden furniture from Hay

Rene: My favorite oldest interior piece must be the old French Cabinet in the bathroom, and the old table in the living room found on a flea market. Latest favorite purchase must me our B&O Television. I love it is on wheels like in good old days.

Another new purchase is the Gras Lamp. It has been a wish for a long time.

Which interior piece are your dreaming about owning?

Brian: A very big and cozy Eilersen Sofa

Rene: An oil painting by the Danish artist Peter Martensen.

If you could live anywhere else in the world, where would it be?

We love Copenhagen, so we would never move – but If we have to choose, it would probably be Manhattan, New York – just for a while 😉

Next travel destination?

Rome and planning LA for our first time

Favorite travel destination?

New York and Northern Denmark – and for sun and just relaxing and do nothing – the CasaCook Hotels in Greece.

If someone is visiting Copenhagen for the first time, which places would you recommend?

Jump on a bicycle and feel the atmosphere  – especially in the summertime. Jump in the cleanest harbor in the world and swim.

Then take a ride to the village 10 km from Copenhagen called Dragør and take a stroll.

Rent a car or jump on at train to see Rudolph Tegners Museum. Its 45 minutes from Copenhagen but definitely worth a visit.

Explore the amazing restaurant in Copenhagen.

3 favorite Instagrammers?

Difficult. There are so many…


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