Home Tour with Kasper Thorup in Copenhagen, Denmark

After the last home tour in Los Angeles I am back in Copenhagen with this next tour. Most Danes might recognize Kasper Thorup after his appearance on Danish television as he was a contestant on the show “Danmarks Næste Klassiker” earlier this year, including myself. I knew of Kasper’s work prior to the show, but really fell in love with his aesthetics on screen. Step inside his great little apartment in Vesterbro, Copenhagen and get to know more about Kasper in my interview.


Please introduce yourself?
My name is Kasper Thorup and I’m the designer and co-founder of the Danish furniture brand and design studio; Thorup Copenhagen. I’ve lived in Copenhagen my entire life and I’m educated MA. Furniture Designer form the Royal Academy of Fine Art in Copenhagen (2017).

I aim to create contemporary design, which is made to last, showcasing a new perspective on Scandinavian design. I try to challenge the norm through new materials and shapes, by redefining materials like iron and concrete, and rendering techniques and forms into elegant and honest expressions.

I find the distinctive and the constantly changing nature and weather in the North a source of inspiration.  I’m inspired by the tension that occurs when opposites meet, and it is this realm – where beauty meets beast – that the real expression occurs.

Who lives in the apartment?
Myself, my girlfriend Anne and our 1-year old son Elliot

When and why did you move here?
We moved here in August 2018. I grew up at Vesterbro and my roots are solid planted here. The street is perfectly placed between Vesterbro and Frederiksberg, and it’s charming with a relaxing atmosphere. In August I will open my new showroom and studio store, located in the premises on the ground floor of our apartment building.

What changes did you make before moving in?
We did a floor sanding of the old beautiful wood floors and the result was a crisp and natural look, and we painted all walls, floors and sills white. The most comprehensive project was a complete kitchen renovation. We tore down the old kitchen to make way for a new with BlackPowder cabinets.

What didn’t you want to change?
The intention was to let the “frame” of the apartment be as clean and aesthetic as possible and then merge its aesthetic with a contemporary and modern interior decoration. So, we wanted to keep the old original materials and just give it a refit.

What objects hold a special meaning for you?
An old bulletin board from the 50’s that I have inherited from my grandfather, who was an architect.

How do you choose which items enter your home?
I follow my gut feeling and intuition. Either I stumble upon items I instantly know must be a part of my home, or I know specifically what I’m looking for and search every possible corner to find it.

How has your style evolved over the years?
My style is characterized as my work as a designer. My inspiration is derived from the tension between art and design, by fusing experimental designs with distinctive Scandinavian minimalism. I like experimenting with materials and shapes and the materials ought to tell a story.

Furniture and objects need to seduce, create joy and contentment and quality materials, craft and composition are valuable to me.

Which materials are important to you?
I find inspiration in nature and the industrial environment and play with how contrasting forms can break each other, and how something raw and industrial can stand beside something beautiful and refined. I’m fascinated of honest and natural materials such as oak, iron and concrete.

When are you happy at home?
I keep our interior decoration simple, with objects that I find visually pleasing – it makes me relaxed and comfortable at home. I’m happy at home in the mornings, enjoying a cup of coffee and looking out the window to see how the city wakes up.

What do you think makes a welcoming home?
We have created an environment that we feel relaxed and comfortable in and I feel at ease with inviting people into our home. A welcoming home cultivate a positive mood, as you’ll have something aesthetic and stimulating to enjoy such as appealing furniture or objects.

What’s your favorite oldest interior piece and what’s your favorite latest purchase?
My oldest favorite interior piece is the bulletin board from my grandfather.

Our latest favorite purchase is a USM Haller modular shelving system. We bought it at lauritz.com and had it painted in a new color. It perfectly complements our home and style.

Which interior piece are your dreaming about owning?
I have dreamt about a Togo sofa by designer Michel Duracoy, for a few years. It’s aesthetic in its own distinctive way and is defined by the tension between art and design.

If you could have any designer or architect over for dinner (dead or alive) who would you invite?
One of the old heavy boys from the golden age of Danish design; Poul Henningsen, Arne Jacobsen, or Poul Kjærholm

If you could live anywhere else in the world, where would it be?
Iceland. The distinctive nature with its beautiful and dramatic nuances is beyond fascinating.

Next travel destination?
We’re planning a relaxing family trip to either Italy or France later this summer.

Favorite travel destination?
New York city or a getaway to our summerhouse in Rørvig.

If someone is visiting Copenhagen for the first time, which places would you recommend?
Louisiana, my all-time favorite place to spend time. Take a walk down the small streets in the heart of Copenhagen or Vesterbro – and remember to look up.

3 favorite Instagrammers?
@tobiasbirknielsen Dansish young design talent
@porschuhhs Because I dream of a Porsche, haha

*** Photos by Allan Torp

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