Home Tour with Oliver Hooson in London

I am very excited to introduce my own series of home tours to the blog. Very often I share corners of my own home or homes I find on the, but these are different! I thought, with all the travel I do and with all the great creative people I met and follow on SoMe, why not actually go visit them in their own homes and share it all with you guys.

I am starting of this home tour series with a tour of Oliver Hooson’s home. Oliver, better known as @olvh, shares a flat in the heart of Hackney’s London Fields – a stunning corner unit with massive outdoor balcony, dark wooden floors, and exposed brick walls. I have been following Oliver for a while now and enjoying all his great tips for coffee and fashion. Oliver also has a passion for great interior design, which you’ll also see in this tour. I have focused my tour on the heart of the apartment, the living room and kitchen, where everyone gathers, if they don’t want alone time in their own rooms. Keep scrolling for the tour and get to know all about Oliver in the interview. I really hope you guys will enjoy this new series!

Please introduce yourself?

Well, I’m Oli and I’m an east London Cliche… JOKES (not joking). I am a freelance Designer maker, Photo Taker.

When and why did you move here?

I moved from the North west of England (chester, Cheshire) to satisfy my boredom, fuel my career and increasing frustrations with average coffee.

What changes did you make?

Everything, but mainly my wardrobe… I moved from a 9-5 office job, company car… you get the image.

What didn’t you want to change?

I’m guessing we’re now talking about the flat hahah… well we were fortunate, I guess we paid a premium to move straight in to somewhere that replicated our style (east london has a lot of these places if you’re willing to pay for it. We would have liked a georgian town house but the abundance of light and under floor heating couldn’t be turned down.

What objects hold a special meaning for you?

All of my furniture. especially my Eames DKR which I rescued from a skip almost ten years a go… a very fancy shop was closing down and it just presented itself.

How do you choose which items enter your home?

Very few new additions usually enter… the place is a constant work in progress!

How has your style evolved over the years?

Well, I think the realisation that I prefer the modernist style has been a great revelation and also meant that the introduction of colour has now been welcomed after almost ten years of being ‘minimal skandi’

Which materials are important to you?

ply wood always! the process of moulded ply wood has always intrigued me… second to fibre glass but knowing how unsustainable it is i have naturally moved away!

When are you happy at home?


What do you think makes a welcoming home?

Chairs. and lots of them. also curtains make me very happy

3 favorite Instagrammers?




Photos by Allan Torp

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  • Reply
    February 20, 2019 at 02:09

    Hi Allan,
    Love this new home tours series. It is great to see what other people are doing with their homes. I look forward to the next post.
    Really love your blog.
    Take Care.

  • Reply
    Abi | These Four Walls blog
    February 20, 2019 at 14:55

    A stunning home! That exposed-brick wall especially… I’m really excited you’ve started a home-tour series and can’t wait to see where else you cover!

  • Reply
    Richard Littler
    March 6, 2019 at 18:55

    Amazing home, very inspirational! Nice to hear from a fellow designer from Chester too!!!

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