Home Tour with Sasha Bakholt in Copenhagen

Minutes after Sasha sharing the first picture on her Instagram of her new apartment, I knew I wanted to share it. I basically started asking her every time I saw her, when I could photograph it, literally, every time. Sasha works at &Tradition, so we see each other (or are in contract relatively often), which means me asking A LOT. It was always a yes, but she wanted to be settled before showing it, which I totally understand. I am very happy to share her amazing Copenhagen apartment along with an interview for you all to get to know her a bit more.

Please introduce yourself?

I’m Sasha, Copenhagen-based and working for the design company, &Tradition as Marketing and Communication manager.

Who lives in the apartment?

Me, myself and I.

When and why did you move here?

I bought the apartment one year ago, as I needed some space (my previous home was only 47 square meters)

What changes did you make before moving in?

I actually just painted the walls in the bedroom and had a cabinetmaker make a new closet.

What objects hold a special meaning for you?

The small objects that I’ve bought on vacations – like my Argentinian “Mate tea bowl” that reminds me of 3 great months in South America after high school. Good memories!

How has your style evolved over the years?

I guess I choose my furniture more carefully now, meaning that I think a bit more in timeless pieces. That said, I also like pieces with colors and personality.

Which materials are important to you?

I like the mix of materials, but I prefer organic materials like wood, marble and leather.

When are you happy at home?

When my home is filled with good friends.

What is your favorite spot in the apartment?

It’s actually on the rooftop with the most amazing panoramic view over beautiful Copenhagen.

What do you think makes a welcoming home?

Light! The right mix of natural daylight, artificial lighting and candle lights create a welcoming ambience in a room.

What’s your favorite latest purchase?

My latest favorite purchase is definitely Little Petra, which I love to lounge and sit in. It’s sooo comfortable.

Which interior piece are your dreaming about owning?

Wegner’s Flagline chair has always been on top on my list.

What was your best ever vintage bargain?

I guess it’s the old Le Klint floor lamp that I bought on dba.dk 

You work for &tradition, how has that impacted your view on Danish design?

I grew up with Danish design, since my father has his own furniture shop selling vintage Danish design, so you could say I was brainwashed from an early age.

However, working for &Tradition I find it truly impressive that Denmark, being such a small country, has such a strong heritage of design which are so popular and relevant worldwide. And what is even more impressive is how our contemporary designers and architects still succeeds in creating pieces that becomes future classics.

Your three favorite places in Copenhagen?

The green areas near my home: Østre Anlæg, Kastellet and Botanical gardens. I love to either stroll through my neighborhood with a cup of coffee or go for a run with a nice podcast in my ears.

3 favorite Instagrammers?


All photographs by Allan Torp

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