How To Host The Perfect Summer Outdoor Dinner

In theory July should be the month of those long summer nights where you can just sit outside all night in your fave tee drinking rose, listening to chill out music and barbequing with friends, the reality these days, is rain and more rain. At least that’s what’s happening in Copenhagen – however, I am not going to be one of those who complain about the weather over and over, instead I am going to give you inspiration to the perfect “outdoor-dinner-with-friends” setting.

You get a long way with a light bulb chain that’s for sure, so if you don’t have one, you need one. A long table, rustic linen napkins, a few old wine bottles filled with flowers and a bunch of greens from the garden – if you have this, you are pretty much good to go.

Bungalow5_Summer Outdoor Dinner_8

Bungalow5_Summer Outdoor Dinner_7

If you have old trees in your garden, set the table below and hang the lights from the branches, for the extra wow-table.

Remember to bring music; there are so many great options of transportable wireless speakers these days, like the new Libratone One Click I tested here. If you are the lucky owner of an old school record player, which would def set the mood.

I know you want people to not be on their phones the entire time around the table, so instead of having people taking pics with their iPhones, add a few instant cameras to the décor. Everyone loves these, especially if you are my age (30+) and actually remember taking real printable pictures on a camera that is not digital. Yeah kids, that did happen many years ago.

Remember to mix up drinks, both before and after the actual dinner. I suggest a good old G&T or a Pimm’s Royal Cup – serve either in old jam glasses.

Bungalow5_Summer Outdoor Dinner_6

Other than that, I think you are all set for an amazing evening with lots of fun and laughter.


Pictures from previous posts, Our Food Stories and Mel Denisse.



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