How To Pick The Perfect Couch


Today the very exclusive collectors edition couch, Myra is finally online via Sofakompagniet. If you want to be one of only 15 people with this couch you better make your decisision right now.

Sofakompagniet have made nice couches available at very good prices and perfect if you are starting your first apartment or just want a new setup in your living room. I do not have one of these couches myself, but have only heard good things from friends and family who has bought one. The new leather version of Myra is a little bit more expenssive than the normal couches, but nice leather is also more expensive than fabric. And if you ask me, it looks much better – and will actually just look even better as you start using it.

As promised last week, here is a short list of things to consider when buying a new couch.


01. Size: You should consider both the size of the room, which will eventually determine how big your couch should be. Even though you have a larger living room doesn’t mean that you should go super big when choosing your couch, you might want to add two arm chairs, or maybe have two couches. Do you want a coffee table? What is the purpose of your couch is it just for look or do you want to be able to snuggle up every Sunday binge-watching Netflix? If you have a smaller room, you should go for a smaller couch, no matter your intentions. The couch will be in the spotlight, so you don’t want it to take up the entire space. It should compliment then room rather than overtake the room.

02. Location: Consider where your want the couch to be. Against a wall? In the middle of a room? In front of a TV? Or maybe it is for a little reading/coffee corner?

03. Shape: If you have space you could consider choosing an L-shaped couch witch will give you more seating for those guest. If you have lesser space, a couch with a chaise lounge could be an option maybe; it takes up a little less space actually.

04. Material: This might be the most important one, as we all know aesthetics is everything. Upholstery in fabric is as a rule the cheaper choice, though you can find expensive fabric, especially if you want them to be super hardcore long lasting, which might be a good idea if you have kids or pets. Leather would be considered the more grown up choice, just be sure you choose real leather, not pleather – there is nothing worse than fake leather, seriously! If it is a money issue, don’t choose leather! Oh one more thing on the leather choise – do not… no… DO NOT choose a white leather couch, unless your name is Puff Daddy or you are one of the Kardashians. If you want to be über trendy, you might want to consider a velvet couch, only choose this one, if you are not planning on having kids or pets, and if you want a new couch in a few years. Lets face it, it will be super cool now, but you will get tired of it down the line.

05. Colour: You might go bold here and choose a fun colour. Actually that’s where Sofakompagniet is a very good choice, as their couches are not over priced, so you can choose a colour you like today and change it in a few years. Most would probably choose some sort of grey fabric or black or brown leather.

06. Style: Finally is comes down to classic traditional vs. eclectic fun. Look at the rest of your interior, and this shouldn’t really be a hard one. When that said, some might mix it a little bit, meaning, you will find couches that have a fun shape but made more classic with your pick of colour, e.g. look at the range from Sofakompagniet.




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