I am A True Wireless Earbud Fan

Tangled earphone cords! For years it has been driving me insane. However neatly you fold them before putting them away in your pocket, they come out all tangled up. I am over it. And don’t even get me started on the number of time where I have dropped my phone on the ground because the cord got caught on something from the bike to a doorknob. Again, I am O V E R it.

Luckily, Huawei came to the rescue. I got myself a pair of their newest Freebuds3. How hard can it be, you might think? But you have to understand, I can basically not do anything without some sort of “noise”. It is literally the first thing I do in the morning, put on some music – and there is almost not a single minute throughout the day I don’t listen to something; music or podcast. All day, every day!

It might be the best thing I got myself last year – got them just before the holidays – and they have been on me pretty much ever since. When commuting. Biking. At the gym. And yes, even in the pool. The buds fit very comfortably in my ears and are pretty much impossible to shake off. I’ve used them when running. Jumping. You name it. Very perfect for when working out at the gym.

The buds fit comfortably in my ears, and basically refused to fall out.

Full disclosure: they are not waterproof, so do not take them diving. It was just so hot on this particular day, that the only sensible thing, was to step into the pool while listing to one of the many podcasts I rotate between.

A few technical facts you might enjoy. The case also works as an extra charger, which means you should get around 20 hours of listing time before having to charge the case again. Charging takes less than 1 hour. Freebuds 3 also offers active noise cancellation, which works pretty well. Obviously, they the ear pods are an open design, which means they do let in some noise, but the cancellation definitely helps and is a much safer choice than over the ear headphones when moving around in traffic.

That concludes my 5-cent worth of review. If you like me do not like the super snug in-ear buds, these are your perfect match Id say. But I am no tech wizard, this is just my opinion.

Posted in partnership with Huawei Denmark. Thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. Thanks for supporting collaborations that I am excited about and that have kept Bungalow5’s doors open.

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