I Glammed Up My Boring Rental Kitchen

When I moved to my new apartment a year ago, I knew my least favorite room would be the kitchen. The actually kitchen itself is very small and very standard, also it sits in a corner of the same room as the entry to my apartment, which means it has to function both as entry, dining area and kitchen – and it’s a walkthrough room for the rest of the apartment.

It’s a rental apartment, so I didn’t want to do too much and spent way too much money. It wasn’t until a visit to London last year; I knew what had to be done and I am loving the end result. I started with changing the handles on all doors, I opted for something that would look good, but might not be the most practical – a black leather handles from Swedish Superfront. They are relatively low cost, and really give the all white (and very cheap standard) kitchen a more sophisticated look.

Second, I needed more counter space and ideally something with extra storage space too. I came across Ikea’s stainless steel kitchen island with a bamboo top with two shelves and two extra drawers. It is on the expensive side, an Ikea piece considered, but it fit perfectly, so the expense seemed appropriate.

The main feature of the new kitchen is the walls. In London, I came across a made-for-the-hotel wallpaper, and I thought – I can do that. So I got in touch with illustrator Louise Haugaard better known as a mile in the woods to brief her on my ideas, and luckily she jumped with excitement. The idea was to create a wallpaper that had references to me, not necessarily portraying me, but something I could relay to, hence a bearded, typewriting, pipe smoking dude – not me per say, but it could easily had been me, if I had lived and did what I do now in the 70s. I got in touch with Photowall, as I had just worked with them on another matter, who was helpful getting the design on wallpaper. They couldn’t apply it on the wall, so for that I had to roll up my own sleeves. It went very well, the non-woven textured wallpaper was so easy to work with.

Last I painted the back wall in the same light blue found on the wallpaper – for that you need an expert, so got the paint goods at Dyrup to help me match the perfect blue.

The new look of the kitchen is different indeed; it makes the room bigger and more cohesive and not just a walkthrough room – and I LOVE IT! And just to give you an idea of what it looked like before, here’s a little peek.

// Photos by Allan Torp

The actual wallpaper and paint were kindly gifted as part of this post. All words and opinions are my own. Thanks for supporting collaborations that I am excited about and that have kept Bungalow5’s doors open.


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