I-want-it-all-feeling with My Daily Fiction


Who doesn’t like a good candy store? What if I said, we now have one in Copenhagen, where you can get it all without sucker. Okay, it’s not really a real candy store, but it sort of looks like it. Normann Copenhagen just launched their new product line Daily Fiction. The Daily Fiction universe is sort of like a modern candy store for grown-ups, where you experience that special ”I-want-it-all-feeling”.

Daily Fiction encompasses more than 200 exquisite small designs for day-to-day use such as notebooks, gift wrapping, stickers, pencil sharpeners, scissors, various writing implements and much, much more.




Last week Normann Copenhagen opened the doors to their Daily Fiction transformed store. I was intrigued, so of course I had to go. You probably know the feeling of standing in front of a wall full of candy and you have to select just a few, while trying to decide your mouth waters, that exact feeling did I get trying to select just a few items to bring home. Actually, to be truly honest, I did actually see the whole collection a few months back, a little sneak peek (that’s all the blue’ish pictures though – from the secret Normann Copenhagen showroom), but I was sent home with strict rules not to share anything before after the launch. Sorry.



I also ran into fellow blogger Malene, we were pretty much like two 10 year olds selecting candy before movie night. As you see, we clearly didn’t read our invitation probably, as it said to wear something blue.

If you do see anything you like, you will have to locate a shop near you, as it wont be sold online. But before you pull out all your hair in bad temper, beware, as many very cool stores will sell the entire collection. Worldwide. Almost.

Bungalow5_Daily Fiction Launch in NC Flagshipstore

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