Manufacturer of the Iconic Kubus Turns 10

As we all know Danish design started to see a boom in the mid 2000s. Many great new companies were formed with just one product in hand, one of those brands is by Lassen. For a long as I can remember I wanted that black Kubus candle holder designed by Mogens Lassen, which was the only Mogens Lassen product in production at the time, and it had been for more than a decade before by Lassen saw its beginning in 2008.

Sure, Danish design has always been on the radar on a worldwide prospective, but nothing like we see today. In the mid 50s and 60s most of the designs we all know the names of today, and all dream about owning, wasn’t that big. Yes, Arne Jacobsen and Finn Juhl made it across the borders, but they weren’t on everyone libs like they are today. One thing that’s was common for all of those great designers is that they were incredible productive, which also why companies like by Lassen for the past 10 years have launch a great number of designs by Mogens and his brother Flemming Lassen.

Today by Lassen is pushing Mogens and Flemming’s design, some are relaunched in 1:1, others in new fabrics or optimized for better comfort for today’s build, and finally some are “just” based or inspired by old drawings, like the newly launched Lassen Chair (which I am currently sitting in at my desk writing this, very comfy I might add).

There is so much more to the by Lassen story that I want to share, so stay tuned for more of the 10-year By Lassen

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