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January is always a hard one to get through, especially if you are in the North. The snow has started to fall and the days don’t seem to get any longer. For me January is all about detoxing, both my body and my home. Out with the old, in with the new and clean. I wanted to share some of my favourite books that could inspire you for some of those new changes.


01. Watercolours by Finn Juhl

Finn Juhl is known and loved in Denmark and around the world for his sophisticated and sculptural furniture – but few people are familiar with his masterly watercolours. Throughout most of his career, his workshop drawings were carefully finished with a watercolour wash and with the use of light and shading comes into its own in watercolours, making the chair, the table and the interior come alive. Secure your copy here.

02. Det ny København

This book is a guide to the many urban areas and spaces that came to life all over Copenhagen in the 00s – from Nordhavn to Sydhavn, from Carlsberg to Ørestad. The author takes the reader behind the facades and tells stories about enthusiastic politicians and officials, Danish and foreign star architects, financially strong developers and committed citizens – and how everything need to interact for a city to develop. This book is only in Danish, available here.


03. New Nordic Design

A fresh take on the top contemporary Nordic designers, sure to inspire fans and curators of minimalist design. Contemporary Nordic designers are known for their serene, minimal aesthetic and innovative approach to creating pieces of simplistic elegance, from austere lighting designs meant to reflect the quality of light in the northern hemisphere to clean, modern furniture decorating the homes of the region’s most stylish residents. You even find a few pages about me and my take on New Nordic Design. Find it here.

04. The Monocle Guide to Cosy Homes

Monocle walks us through its 402-page ode to staying in and getting comfortable; “The Monocle Guide to the Cosy Home.” The globe-trotting journal collects a diverse series of residences from around the world, from city living in London, Rio de Janeiro and Tokyo to the peace and quiet of the Swedish archipelago and the rolling green of the Swiss countryside. Grab a copy at online.


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