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Swedish Note Design Studio just won Designer of the Year at the annual Elle Decoration Sweden award. You probably know some of their work Danish Menu and Won Design. Today I wanted to share with you guys, Note Design Studios first private residence project, a large loft in Stockholm, in the area of Södermalm called Sofo. The house dates from the 1930s and went through many renovations during the years.

The task was to create a relaxed, soft environment and the main interior feature is a dark, low-lying base line that runs like a unifying horizon through the whole apartment.

Also note that all walls and ceilings are painted in apricot pink and sandy beige tones, which gives a soft, hazy atmosphere, creating a dynamic but gentle contrast to the blue-grey base. Nothing in the apartment is white!!

Bungalow5_Note Design_SoFo Residence_

Bungalow5_Note Design_SoFo Residence_3

Bungalow5_Note Design_SoFo Residence_4

Bungalow5_Note Design_SoFo Residence_5

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