Innovative Italian Home Fragrance

Buongiorno, guys! Scroll through my feed on Instagram and you are in no doubt that I am obsessed with scented candles and room sprays. A nice home fragrance is a good way to create a specific atmosphere in any room, depending on the season or on your mood. It’s always nice to hear “your home smells so good!” when your friends stop by.

Iconic Italian brand, Alessi, has produced everyday designer objects since 1921 and now they have teamed up with legendary Dutch designer Marcel Wanders on a 5 fragrances collection, called The Five Seasons; four seasons plus a mysterious, sensual and spiritual 5th season, all for the home.

For each scent you have a room spray, candles, and a diffuser, with different designs that definitely appeal to many and will fit any décor. And remember, this is designed by Marcel Wanders, who is not known for the most clean and simple design, so I almost feel like saying, expect the unexpected. You won’t find the typical scents in this collection; instead imagine a set of fragrances recalling the cyclical experience of life and natural seasons.

I have always had a love/hate relationship with the typical diffusers you see on the market, you know, the ones with reeds sticking up of a bottle, somehow, I just don’t think it looks very nice. The Five Seasons diffusers are very different, instead of generic reeds, Marcel have designed different leaves from mahogany, making the design fresh and very unique. Each of the five scents has its own stylized leaf paired. My favorite fragrance is “Shhh”, the 5th one, which is paired with a black lava stone that subtly diffuses the perfume into the room, which I think looks great with the mahogany tray it comes with.

It might be the more masculine scent of the 5 with its eucalyptus, rose and patchouli mix. These days my entire home is filled with “Shhh”, I’m eager to try the other four “Ahhh”, “Hmm”, “Grrr” and “Brrr”.

//Photos by Allan Torp

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