Inside the Future Perfect’s Newest 1970s Ultra-Modern Casa Perfect

If you haven’t heard or noticed already the 70s are back – and visiting the new Casa Perfect house in Los Angeles last week just confirmed that. It’s the fourth concept home design by contemporary design gallery the Future Perfect, which was founded by David Alhadeff in 2003.

I haven’t experienced any of the previous houses in real life, only from afar (that being online), but this one is probably the best. They only seem to be better and better.

The concept of the houses is relatively simple – present art in a homey setting. The new Casa Perfect house is a 1971 property, now filled with ultra-modern art and furnishings, but other than that untouched – tan brick walls, popcorn ceilings and tiled counters. Aside from the furniture, all the door hardware and fittings were redone, walls repainted, and a rich coral carpet laid down, wall-to-wall throughout the entire house. A custom scent was even developed with Le Labo, which lingers in the air.

My favorite room has to be the larger entertainment room with a view of the garden and the most amazing view of Los Angeles. The vertical blinds, which we normally see at insipid offices, actually works wonders here. And what’s not to like about a couch in bouclé upholstery.

The only downside is that everything comes with a pretty heavy price tag. It is certainly not for everyone, but great inspiration.

Photography by Allan Torp

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