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Not a day goes by without me thinking about traveling. I don’t mean, just a long weekend somewhere in Europe or a few weeks abroad. No. I mean just pack up the essentials and head to the airport with a one-way ticket.

There is just nothing like traveling. Exploring the world. I came across two super cool videos I wanted to share.

One being a pre-flight safety video you don’t want to miss. Instead of the boring standard musty pre-flight safety video, Qantas has put the beauty of Australia on show in dozens of creative ways.


And then there is Jay Alverez, who is living the life almost every guy on the planet dreams of. Between dating the gorgeous Alexis Ren, jumping out of planes, and traveling the world, this guy is taking the term “lifestyle design” to an entirely new level. Watch this video for a glimpse into his day-to-day travel life and try not to be just a tiny bit jealous.

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