Interior Essentials: Oda Lounge Chair

In any living room you need to have at least one proper lounge chair. You know, the kind of chair that when you sit down in it, you never want to get up again. The kind of chair you want to spend all weekend in. The kind of chair you cannot wait to read your newspaper and drink your morning coffee in.

I have been working for the last couple of months with Danish manufacturer Brdr. Pedersen, who is producing some great midcentury pieces, including the Oda Chair by Danish Nanna Ditzel. And the Oda chair is truly one of those comfy chairs you never want to get up from.

Nanna Ditzel is one of the most significant women in Danish design history, and one of the country’s most important craftsmen of the Mid-century modern period. She is definitely one of the most significant female designers from an era where there were not a lot of them.

//Photos & Styling by Allan Torp

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