Introducing Dubai: One & Only Royal Mirage


Dubai. The crazy hot, overwhelming, over-the-top, mind-blowing one of a kind city, where everything is possible, if you have money in your pocket. I have never been to Dubai before, actually not even been to the Middle East before, so I didn’t really know what to expect. Tall buildings? Amazing hotels? Hot weather? Well, I got it all. During this coming week, I will share my experiences with you.




Before I take you on a sunny blog walk through some of the stunning places I visited and experiences I had, I want to kick off the blog series called ‘Introducing Dubai’ with a fabulous hotel where I was staying for two nights.

One & Only Royal Mirage is overlooking more than a kilometre of pristine coastline, this regal domain rekindles the enchanting grandeur of Arabia in mesmerising style and splendour. Contemporary accommodation flows across three distinctive environments, set amidst 65 acres of scented gardens and meandering water features. In other words, it is massive. Like everything else in Dubai.



The interior is far from what we as Scandinavians are used too, but it is just perfect for the optimal Dubai experience. There is nothing you can’t do here. There is pools, more than one actually (I think I tried at least 3), use the very well equipped gym, get a relaxing and traditional Hammam experience, lying on you back on a marble stone getting massaged from head to toe while looking up in the impressive towering dome and carved arches. Every morning you can dive into the massive breakfast and I mean massive. I have never seen anything like it before, so work up an appetite before going every morning and don’t rush. If you sit outside, mind all the many birds, they will steal your food, if you leave it unattended for a mere moment.



The service, like everywhere in Dubai really, is some of the best I have seen. I loved the diversity of the people working here. People are from all over the world. And they all love it – or at least, that’s what they say when you ask them. I never heard, anyone complain about anything around living and working in Dubai. Maybe it comes with not paying any taxes whatsoever. Anyway. Enjoy the pictures.



— I was invited to Dubai by Visit Dubai, which means they covered all expenses in relation to the trip —

Photos © Allan Torp, Bungalow5

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