Is This a Design Store or Just the Coolest Norwegian Home Ever?

I love the concept of a design store setup to resemble a real home. The Oslo-based design store Houz did just that with their new store at Vinslottet, a former brewery built in 1932 and famous landmark. Houz is known for their very well curated selection of furniture and homewares – and will with their newest store keep focusing on even more sustainability and personalized service.

Linda Veggeland founded Houz in 2013, and have been planning the new store for more than a year, while searching for new brands to bring in. Hard work certainly pays off, the store is beautiful and stunningly curated. Copy it in any home and you would be getting a lot of uhhs and ahhs from visitors, I am sure.

I am almost jealous of all the great new brands Oslo is getting now. New brands include Ariake, Form and Refine, Pallucco, and Astep Design, as well as When Objects Works, Tre Sekel from Sweden with Matti Carlsson’s beautiful tables, lighting from Danish designer Tom Rossau and beautiful sofas from Norwegian brand Hjelle. To fully resemble a real home, Houz are also exhibiting kitchens from Ask og Eng.

Styling by Elisabeth Heier / Photography © Ina K. Andersen

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