I’ve Added a Big Abstract Artwork to my Wall – Why You Should Too

Most doodles don’t make it outside the sketchbook, but when you are as talented as Nina Bruun, your shapes make it to walls across the globe. Her soft but bold and geometric shapes was created in collaboration with Paper Collective – and I couldn’t resist ordering one in a special massive (100×140 cm) print to hang above my staircase.

A well put-together gallery wall is great, but also very hard to master. You need to really balance the actual art, the frames and different sizes for it to be just right. If you do not have the time, budget or patience to do it just right, you might benefit committing to just one big piece. One big piece can be just as impactful as many smaller pieces.

Paper Collective presented one of these big size prints, which is a special order, at the Formland Fair this summer, and I knew I had to get one. There is something super cool about a bigger size art piece I think, it’s almost like you commit a bit more, since you won’t just move it around.

However, I think it important to go think more abstract when it comes to big art piece, especially because you really commit, you have to choose a piece that can work in any setting. The good thing about Nina’s Solid Shapes collection is that they all work in pretty much any setting, modern or mid-century.

Paper Collective kindly gifted the Solid Shapes piece.

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