Can you create newsletters with high value?

Even after almost 10 years is still growing. New projects are coming in – and no matter how much I want to do everything myself; I just have to realize some things are better off being done by someone else.

I am therefore looking for a talented and inventive newsletter writer. One who, twice a month, can create mails that the recipient just can’t wait to open in their inbox.

The job

  • Brainstorm on content for the newsletter
  • Write and setup visually stunning and inspiring newsletters
  • Check all details thoroughly; links, pictures, etc
  • 2 monthly newsletters for
  • Other writing tasks to optimize might be added additionally

Your Qualifications

  • You write very articulate and creatively
  • You have a broad knowledge about Scandinavian interior and design
  • You want to create newsletters, which makes the recipient excited
  • Know Mailchimp inside and out
  • You know all the technical details of setting up an automatic mail flow
  • Flair for details, very thorough and have a high sense of aesthetic
  • You are self-motivated and love to work from home
  • Stable and always respects deadlines and agreements
  • You know – both blog and social media and you can really see yourself in the Scandinavian style

I offer

  • The possibility to create and work with newsletters that inspire, motivate and creates value with its content
  • An exciting job for one being both creative, aesthetic and who loves to write
  • Full responsibility for growing the newsletter: target +2500 by the end of year (660 current). Right now the opening rate is +55% with a click rate at +13%.
  • Flexibility – you can work whenever you want
  • Feedback and dialog about content, form and layout
  • Salary per arrangement (You have your own VAT no and can bill me your hours)


  • You work online, so you can live and work anywhere in the world
  • We do not have to meet, we can be in contact via mail, Whatsapp and Mailchimp 


  • The sooner the better. I would like the first newsletter to go out Nov 1st(or maybe even sooner).
  • Each newsletter should take no longer than 1 full day to produce (6 hours)
  • We will plan each newsletter accordingly


  • Send me an email where you tell me a bit about yourself and why you want to work for/with
  • CV with relevant experience
  • Link to social media profiles
  • Include a few ideas for an upcoming newsletter

Send your application to no later than Friday, Oct 11th

Allan Torp created in 2010 and is today recognized as one of Denmark’s leading blogs about interior and design.

Bungalow5 is the essential reading for those passionate about life, travel and design in all its shapes and forms. It is the primary destination for anyone seeking inspiring and unique ways to decorate a modern, comfortable and stylish home, for those who wants to travel in style and for those who just want to live a healthy and good life.

In 2018 Allan published his first book Scandinavian Style at Home, a highly practical guide that shows readers how to create a tailor-made home inspired by Scandinavian design one room at a time.

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