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Kadeau is one of those restaurants I have been dying to go to in a very long time. Unfortunately I have not visited Bornholm for ages, so sitting by the beach at the first Kadeau has never been an option. However, I was lucky enough to be invited for lunch (which by the way, isn’t something they do normally, only dinners) at their Copenhagen restaurant last week. What a treat.

Kadeau Copenhagen don’t have the view of the sea, but has an incredible interior and surrounded by some of the oldest Copenhagen buildings in Christianshavn – for a Copenhagen design aficionado like me that is pretty cool too.



Kadeau have received a number of awards for their amazing food and after my visit I totally agree. On every plate you get a good old-fashion taste, but in an up to date way. Every course looks like it just grew in or out of the actually plate, in a very masculine and forestry way.

The interior is very Nordic, but not in the “we try so hard to make everything about Demark” way, but in a very relaxed and low key way. I especially love the wall full of pickle and preserved things found in nature. It is clean, not filled with heavy cutlery and thick tablecloths; no, we are down to basics – and with the nicest handmade tableware by Lov i Sted from Bornholm. A collection inspired by the beach and the woods and comes in six different colours, which you should mix and match for the perfect Kadeau look.




I ended the lunch with a sneak peek of Kadeau’s new premises, a larger space just next door, which is being restored now. Very soon a new larger Kadeau will open for business, so keep an eye out for the booking system for seats.



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