Kitchen of the Week: A Dark Sustainable Bamboo Kitchen

I’ve been following the very talented Norwegian duo Kine Ask Stenersen and Kristoffer Eng behind Ask og Eng for quite a while and obviously been dreaming about installing one of their kitchens of my own just as long. Kine and Kristoffer, also husband and wife, founded their sustainable kitchen and furniture company in 2016 using primarily bamboo as their wood of choice.

Bamboo is extremely durable and above all, a great sustainable choice. It grows faster than other trees types and can therefore be harvested a lot faster. It is also CO2 neutral and doesn’t require pesticides, herbicides or any other artificial fertilizers.

The family of four owns a 1930s house in Drammen, 40-minutes outside Oslo, Norway – and just finished their own kitchen. A bamboo kitchen with a dark finish making it appear plainer in its overall expression, while still emphasizing the material and its structure. As the counter they used limestone and even created custom inlays for cutlery etc. in bamboo.

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