Kitchen of the Week: A Finnish Foodie’s Handmade Oak with a Twist Kitchen

Natalia Salmela turner to young and talented Finnish wood artisan Juhan Mikone to create her new kitchen. Natalia run her own creative agency specialized in seasonal vegetables and have published a cookbook and has been seen cooking on Finnish national TV. She wanted to create her dream kitchen, which turned out exactly as she planned.

The cabinets are natural oak with oil finish and completely hand crafted in Helsinki, Finland. They are 6 meters wide and the depth in 80cm making the kitchen super roomy – Natalia claims there is still multiple empty drawers.

Natural terracotta tiles bring warmth to the 5m-tall-ceiling in 130 square meters loft, where most walls are concrete. High above the kitchen on walls two ‘Ukkeli’ paintings are from local pop-artist Teemu Keisteri’s latest exhibition brings a dose of bright colors into the natural color tone. Danish design also made it into the kitchen with the two vintage Louis Poulsen wall lamps, a great contrast to the classic Tolomeo lamps.

Check out more of Natalia’s great interior and recipes on her blog. Be aware, it’s all in Finnish.

Photography by Natalia Salmela

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