Kitchen of the Week: A Modern Light-Filled “Bringing the Forest Inside” Kitchen

As I said yesterday, I don’t want to be silent and I certainly don’t want my blog to go silent either. There is still so much more to be said, but I really do feel that sometimes we need to ease into something not quite as heavy as politics – and this is still a platform for my simple, bright and Scandinavian interior world. With that in mind, let’s dive into a green kitchen in commune with nature.

Nature, the lake and the many tree surrounding the house became the inspiration for this modern and very functional kitchen – in all green. Not just any green. A green that matches the forest just outside to perfection.

After careful considering multiple color samples throughout the day the right green was selected. The color was then hand painted on all the fronts in ash from the Aterlier-collection by Kvänum, this way you’ll still see the tree structure through the authentic brushstrokes.

Many great elements are pulling this kitchen all together, like the natural stone countertop with a slight green tone and the open oak custom-made shelves on the wall. All the tall elements are made to fit perfectly from floor to ceiling and with an inside oak veneer fitting, which gives the kitchen a sense of handmade finish.

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Photography courtesy of Kvänum

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