Kitchen of the Week: An Architects Sleek All Charcoal Kitchen in Copenhagen

Walls got torn down and what used to be the bedroom got turned into a brand-new kitchen, creating an open and coherent kitchen and living room. The new owners of the apartment in Copenhagen are both architects wanted to design a functional kitchen that reflected their everyday life. They commissioned Nicolaj Bo to help them design their dream kitchen.

The functional part of the kitchen is all on one side. Here you’ll find the hotplates, the sink, fridge and washer, with a steal counter as a natural part of the functional side. The wall is painted the same black nuance as the charcoal linoleum fronts, which gives the kitchen a dramatic look. It doesn’t seem in any way to dark or heavy, since there is plenty of day light and high ceilings. An oak front cupboard breaks up the big dark wall creating space for all those small kitchen items used every day, like the coffee machine, toaster, etc.

In the middle of the kitchen they installed a big rectangular island with more charcoal linoleum fronted cupboards and drawers, but with a Pietra Grey marble, which created a great contrast to the functional side with the raw steal top.

Throughout the entire apartment you’ll find Dinesen hardwood floors, connecting all rooms together, which really gives you the feeling of a well thought out and coherent layout.

Photography courtesy of Nicolaj Bo.

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