Kitchen of the Week: Practical Upcycling in Copenhagen Kitchen

Just before the world went on quarantine, I got to spend a few days with interior architect Sif Grandorf, as I was directing three videos showing of her newest project created for Carlsberg Byen, Copenhagen. If you are curious you can watch them all here, here and here.

In an apartment in the oldest part of Copenhagen she completed another project transforming it all with a very limited budget. Sif is an expert in re- and upcycling, and with her crazy handywoman skills, she makes it all look so easy.

Frama kitchen elements and a great stove got installed, and Sif created the tiled section from old Ikea cabinets found by a dumpster. Which was perfect, as finding anything else to fit was impossible. The rustic feel gets another little bit extra with the wire mounts for pots, pans and hooks for all the knives. Everything got its own place.

All photography courtesy Another Studio

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