Kubus – the brass edition


One of the first real design objects I remember I had on my wish list for many years, was the iconic Kubus candleholder designed by Mogens Lassen. I loved, and still do, the simplicity of the original black candleholder.

It was designed in 1962 and was actually only made as a present from Mogens Lassen to friends and family. Today is truly is a design icon, a piece that is so recognisable and seen in many homes around the world. Still not mine actually!


Last week I attended the press launch of the newest colour option of the candleholder. A brass version – I think it is a great addition to the growing Kubus selection; however, I still prefer the original black version.

Today it is produced by Danish by Lassen, the family owned business with Nadia Lassen (great grand daughter of Mogens Lassen) behind the wheel. by Lassen mission is to carry the company legacy forward.


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