Last-Minute Christmas Gift for your Dad

If you didn’t know better, you’d probably imagine whisky to be stuffy, slow to change and drunk by old buffers by a log fire. Nothing could be further from the truth: the world of whisky is fast-moving and it is one of the most sophisticated and fashionable spirits you can drink. When it comes to whiskey sampling and appreciation, everyone does it in their own way. Much like wine, however, few of us actually know what we’re doing when it comes to appreciating whisky properly.

This process is best broken down based on the human senses. That aside, in my opinion, the best part of whiskey tastings is to tell the attendees about the history of the product and where it originated. One of my go-toes is Johnnie Walker Blue Label, it’s story begins in 1819, where John Walker’s dad leaves him the family farm. John sells the farm and instead starts a small grocery store. The whisky of the time was just single malts and varied in quality, so he just started blending his own whisky to ensure that every bottle meet his standards. You can call this, the foundation of the Johnnie Walker we know today. Simple story really, which you should share with whomever you drink a glass with.

Johnnie Walker Blue Label is cherry on the cake in the Johnnie Walker portfolio, a true masterpiece if you ask me. If you are looking for a last-minute gift to your boyfriend, uncle, or your father, and they already have shared a love for whisky with you, this is the bottle you should spoil them with for Christmas. I am sure they will love it, and maybe even share a glass with you – just remember, you’ll certainly get extra points if you share the story above.

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