Leather By Wirth

Det kan nogle gange godt betale sig at beklage sig offentligt. I mit indlæg om Wrap Karafflen af Simon Hasan, udtrykte jeg, at  jeg synes, at der er alt for få kernelæderprodukter på interiørmarkedet. Men nu jeg har fået en henvendelse om firmaet By Wirth, som primært arbejder med at udvikle produkter i læder. Derfor vil jeg lige dele  produkter fra firmaet –  jeg er især forelsket i lysestagen, men kunne godt tænke mig, at den fandtes i en mørkere brun.

Foto: By Wirth





It sometimes pays off to complain publicly. In my post about the Wrap Decanter by Simon Hasan, I expressed that I think there are too few leather products on the market for decorating your home. I was approached by the company By Wirth that primarily are engaged in developing products in leather. Therefore, I wanted to share with you products from the company, I am especially in love with the candleholder, however I would have liked to have seen it in a darker brown.

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