Like a Polar Bear Cub Held by its Mother, the Tired Man is That Comfortable

When it comes to your living room you need a reading chair, without something is just missing. It just doesn’t seem right. A comfortable reading corner will make your room feel complete, actually make you want to start spending more time in the living room and maybe even start… reading!

As any other piece of furniture, there are thousands of chair options out there and so many factors to consider – height, width, material, color – Flemming Lassen’s overstuffed easy chair The Tired Man produced by By Lassen is considered to be one of the most desirable pieces amongst design connoisseurs worldwide.

Fun fact: In 2014, The Tired Man set the record, which it still holds, as the most expensive chair sold at auction in Denmark with a skyrocketing price of 1.42 million DKK (€190.000). The chair was an original designed in 1935.


According to Flemming Lassen himself, the aim of the chair was for the person sitting in it to feel “like a polar bear cub held by its mother in the middle of the ice cap feeling warm and safe”. It was originally designed for the The Copenhagen Cabinetmarkers’ Guild Exhibition in 1935, and because of its heaviness and soft upholstery out of sheepskin, the chair comes across as an almost ironic comment on the light and stringent contemporary furniture designs. Today, the chair is considered an iconic design classic from the mid-1930’s, and originals is a rare guest on the auction market.

Flemming’s brother Mogens Lassen was also a highly recognized architect and there is no doubt that the two were some of the most forward-looking Danish architects, designing a large amount of homes and buildings throughout Denmark and a lot of great design objects like the Tired Man and the highly recoignised and iconic Kubus candleholder – both still produced by By Lassen in Denmark.

Fun fact: The iconic Kubus candleholder was designed in 1962, but wasn’t put into production until the 1980s by Mogens Lassen’s grandson Søren Lassen, owner of By Lassen. The sales of the Kubus candleholder is growing constantly and is still produced and manufactured in Denmark.


The ultimate Tired Man version is of course the sheepskin version, which is properly one of the most comfortable reading chairs you’ll come by, perfect for cozy evenings with tea and a good book. By Lassen also manufacture it in the less expensive, but just as stylish bute tiree, a sort of boucle, which to me, makes it even more modern.

Styling and Photography by Allan Torp

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