Like No One Else


I like the big TV, but when it comes to the speakers, I want them to blend-in. I want the good sound, but I don’t want more black metallic plastic around the living room. As with many other things good quality doesn’t come cheap, and if you even want it to look amazing as well, well… then you just have to dig a little deeper in that portmanteau.

The new speakers by Danish Bang & Olufsen want to be like no one else. They don’t want you to compromise one thing over the other, just like I said – good sound, good design. Speakers when and where you need it. Sound on your terms. Place it wherever and play whatever.

I really appreciate the look of the two speakers, the smaller one, BeoSound 1, is wireless and therefor easier to move around as you see fit. The bigger one, BeoSound 2 (they surely are ingenious with those names), needs power, but it plays louder… way louder. I promise, I’ll get back to the technical parts in a few weeks, when I have tested them a bit more.

To me they are definitely fitting in, but stands out.





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