Living Creatively with New Collections by Kähler

Happy Thursday y’all. The holiday sure is over, and the past few days I have been all over town, checking out a great deal of new products from a bunch of Danish brands, first look of their upcoming product launches.

It has sort of become a tradition that Kähler is the first to gather everyone and this summer was no exception. Yesterday they presented their four new collections, where their ‘Character’ collection, an homage to a proud figurine tradition they use to have, was one of them. Five different characters make up the collection, and I like it because it’s so very imperfect, unpolished and raw. The new figurine collection is designed by sculptor Malene Bjelke.

The rest of the collection includes new lamps, which actually looks super cool without the shade, designed by Turi Heisselberg, new vases with prints designed by Susanne Schjerning, and finally a new Hammershøi Christmas collection with illustrations by Rikke Jacobsen.

// Photos by Allan Torp

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