Magical Artistic Topanga Dream

One of the many perks of dating a real estate agent is the access to great listings before they go on the market. In LA I live in Topanga, a little funky town in the canyon between Malibu and the Palisades – and I love that its open and full of great places with amazing views. In old canyon behind fences, you step into a magical park-like courtyard with many amazing corners and patios to enjoy.

As soon as you walk in through the front door you know you are in for a treat, a funky artistic treat. A green kitchen with a red stove and a huge high-ceiling wooden cabin-like of a dream living room with bedrooms upstairs. So if you want to live out your LA dream too, the house is now for sale here – and if not, make the jump anyway, just to drool over all the great pictures.

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