Make The Change, No One Else Will


You’ll find very little about my very personal life on this blog. From time to time people ask, how I manage to live a life where I share so much of my personal life with you guys everyday, here and on Instagram, but really I only show you all the good and fun stuff.

Truth is, I don’t post my regular 16 hour days where I mostly stare at my computer screen writing post, edit photos, plan future collaborations and so on until my eyes cross. I work hard. I work a lot. I give my all. And you know what? I love it that way. I love that I can work a ton for weeks and months, and then take time off to travel and see the world. I’m a self-made person and I’ll continue to be. To those out there who think it’s easy…it isn’t. But fucking stick to it. Persevere. And tell those that want your time for free to back off once in a while. Something I have really learnt through the years to deal with.

I know I am very lucky camper. I got through the very little eye of a needle in this blogging world, but as I wrote, I worked damn hard for it. Getting to do what you love doing everyday is not something everyone is blessed with, but only you can make the change, no one else. It’s very simple. For most people it takes a LOT of work to make that dream come through.


And it might just be. But when it’s not, don’t start cursing the fates, degrading yourself and kicking dirt. Things run their course, oh boy do they. Even lives. You can spend your whole life focused negatively because of one or two traumatic events that shake you. And you might be right to think: “I can’t do what he is doing”, but that is just setting yourself up for failure even before you start.

But I know this, grim as it is, life ends for you whether or not you’re a happy camper or a justified bitter-heart. Don’t drag it out for anyone’s sake. You might learn a thing or two the hard way, and it probably cost you a few friends along the way, but I promise you this: you’ll me much better off without them doing what you love.

‘There are so many more friendships to come in all of our lives, and wouldn’t you rather be open to some craziness happening than lock yourself away for what you really want to do everyday?

That’s all. Just me sharing a bit of my personal feelings. Oh and pictures of favorite Skagerak products.



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