Mastering My Knife Skills

With my new and updated kitchen, I wanted to treat myself with new knives, as my old selection, was, well, old! I turned to Global to upgrade my knife skills. I am really not a master in the kitchen, but I do enjoy cooking – and for that, I want the optimal gear.

Having good knife skills speeds up your cooking and keeps you a lot safer in the kitchen, of course. There is a reason it takes years for chefs to master good knife skills, so make sure to keep safe. Whether or not you are mastering the skills, you need to choose your knives with care. Most people today opt for the lighter, slimmer, and harder Japanese knives. When talking about hardness, Japanese knives are in the high-end of the Rockwell scale. The harder the steal, the scarper the knife. I went for the essential 8 and added them all to a case to keep them safe in the drawer (with limited counter space, I think this is the best option, no place for knife block).

The Global knife was first thought as a tool for the professionals, and it saw the day of light in 1985. It is designed by Japanese Komin Yamada and is produced by 100% stainless steel, which the world had never seen before when it was first launched 30+ years ago.

You need a knife for different situation. There are more than 30 different knives in the Global collection, and of course, you don’t need them all. The more ambitious you are with your selection of knives, the more joy you’ll have I am sure. Nothing worse than cooking with doll and wrong tools. I mean, you wouldn’t choose a fork to eat your soup, right? In my knife collection I have included the essential eight, which is:


Chef’s Knife / Vegetable Knife / Paring knife / Serrated ‘Pastry’ Knife /

Flexible Utility Knife / Sharpening steel / Tomato Knife / Santoku Knife


While you should never, as in never ever, put your knives in the dishwasher, it makes the dull, these knifes are made in one piece with no joints, which makes them very easy to clean and very hygienic. And though the handle may have sand from the ocean in it for better balance and ergonomics, you shouldn’t attempt balancing these very sharp knives on your fingertips like I do here.

//Top photos by Allan Torp, rest PR


Paid partnership with Global. Thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. Thanks for supporting collaborations that I am excited about and that have kept Bungalow5’s doors open.

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