MDW2016: andtradition

Let’s kick the Milan round up into gear. I saw so much and yet so little, which I think is always the problem with Milan. It is in fact so big, that one can hardly cover a fraction of all the exhibitions, events and the actual fair. I heard that there is more than 1.500 events in Milan in the 5 days of the fair. Crazy.

I will kick it all of with a few of my favourite Danish brands and then share a few the best and most interesting exhibitions. First up andtradition. It was their first time showing in Milan – and what a show, not that they showed any news products, but they had brought a lot of the existing pieces in new materials and colours, which made it all look new and fresh, and actually not very traditional Nordic, which I really appreciate. A trend that we see more and more off, the Nordic style is getting more and more inspired by the south of Europe. A trend I actually predicted in 2015.

Favourite piece: The cloud three seater in grey leather

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