MDW2016: Nike – The Nature of Motion


The most important tip when going to Milan for the design week must be, bring good shoes! You end up walking at least 10 kilometres a day, if not the double. At least if you walk around, like I do, instead of taking the metro everywhere. I like seeing the town. One morning during the week I went on a 5k run with Monocle and Nike, as part of Nike’s “The Nature of Motion” exhibition.

Ten progressive contemporary designers joined Nike to explore natural motion through various mediums, looking at its origins, present manifestation and future possibilities. Super fascinating for a self-confessed shoe addict like me. Starting with Flyknit uppers, they created a collection of aptly named Experiments in Natural Motion, inventions that rethink materials and take inspiration from places as diverse as cat whiskers and champagne packaging.

Check out this cool movie and see all the fun shoes and installations here.

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