Mezcla, a table concept by Spanish designer Jaime Hayon

A table is where different people come together for different reasons. To meet and discuss a topic. To agree, disagree or just laugh and enjoy each other’s company. It’s this idea of mixing people, ideas and elements that lies at the core of Mezcla, a table concept by Spanish designer Jaime Hayon, characterised by a mix of exclusive materials.


“The Spanish word for “mixture” is Mezcla,” explains Hayon. “For me it captures the essence of different people coming together and diverse design elements together – in a series of tables where the materials, shapes and colours could meet and greet, so to speak.”


Honestly, when we first started to hear about Jaime Hayon years ago, I thought his designs was way too “interesting” and crazy for my taste, however, that has certainly changed. His many designs for Danish brands like &tradition and Fritz Hansen are all pretty amazing, granted they might be from his subtler sketchbook, nevertheless, I really like his designs now, and this new table concept for &tradition is no exception.

Drawing on classic geometric shapes, like the circle, oval and cylinder, each component is crafted in a different material with its own texture, finish, and colour. The result is a composite of contrast and cohesion in a series of tables with no sharp edges.

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