Mondays and thoughts on Christmas away from home

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It’s going to be one of those weeks, where I have to get everything done in half the time. On Friday I am finally leaving for Cape Town and will be gone for five weeks, celebrating both Christmas and New Years on the other side of the world. I haven’t planned much yet, but as this will become my fifth time in just three years I am sure I will think of things to do. Also my roommate here in Denmark is from Cape Town and will be there too, so it will be a lot of fun.

I have only celebrated Christmas away from my family one time before and it will be my third time jumping into a new year in another country. My parents are divorced and have been as long as I can remember, so Christmas without one of them has always been the norm, but I remember my first time without any of them. This was also in a country far far away, in Melbourne, Australia. 3 years ago and I remember, because this was just when I started blogging full time. I had planned a two weeks stay with a friend in Melbourne (and NYE in Sydney), but as Gubi let me go just as I was about to leave on this trip I prolonged it for 3 weeks. I loved every bit of the trip, except the way-to-long flight directly from Sydney to Dubai home, 14 hours, and not being able to share it all with my family. It was very weird sitting on a porch in Melbourne with my friend’s family, in shorts eating turkey with stuffing.



Even though I would have loved to bring my mom to Cape Town for Christmas, I am sure this trip and Christmas will be different. I have been invited to celebrate it with my roommate’s parents and the rest of his family. My roommate is one of my best friends and if we were in Copenhagen, he would have been with me at my sister’s house, no doubt about it. He is like family. As I am packing for yet another adventure, I will think about all the great things happening in my life, what I want to happen next year and how I can keep sharing everything with you guys. I know many of you want me to share more of me and my opinions and some just want to look at pretty pictures, so let’s see if I can’t do both.

Well, this ended up being a lot of words and all I wanted to say, was that I am leaving for Cape Town, so for those of you following on Instagram, can expect pictures from the beautiful city and people just following here, don’t worry, I’ll share stuff here too.

Have a great Monday where ever you are.




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    December 7, 2015 at 10:12

    I can imagine it will be a totally new experience to celebrate Christmas away from home and without any of your parents … wonderful pictures!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

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