Music Should Go Where We Go

I love music, when I am at home, when I am on the go and when I travel. I rarely go anywhere without music – and when I travel I always bring some form of transportable speaker. Right now I am working hard, training every day at Lanzarote and of course I had to bring music.

Today, Libratone launched their new ONE Click: An adaptable on-the-go Bluetooth speaker for life’s everyday adventures. I was lucky to borrow one on this trip, so I could test it out for a few days.

The ONE Click fits easily into any bag, so super easy to just find a little space in your suitcase to bring it along. In any location you just connect to it with any mobile device via Bluetooth and voila – 360° sound. It is super slick, a nice Scandinavian design, and is available in a range of fashionable colours – I brought the light grey version.

Other very cool features include; a built-in speakerphone, over 12 hours of battery life and they are splash resistant – so you never have to stop listening, even when the rain comes or when you are in the shower (don’t bring it with you into the shower, but… well, you know what I mean). One thing I would love though, is a longer reach from your phone to the speaker via Bluetooth, in an apartment; it stumbles a bit if your phone is in one room and the speaker in another. Other than that, I think the sound is very good, the speaker is lightweight and it looks good in any setting.



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