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It is here: the all-new and legendary Ford Mustang. A lot of new cool technology has been added, making the new Mustang ready for a new era. Last week I had the pleasure, as the first person outside the Ford office, of taking the very first yellow convertible beast on Danish plates for a ride – I picked up my friend Rebecca for ice cream and a fun 50’s inspired photo shoot. No need to say, we were inspired by the movie Grease. Danny Zuko has nothing on me!

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Not many cars own the image and recognisability as the Ford Mustang. A yellow Mustang is definitely a headturner. I pretty much drove with the roof down the entire week, receiving a lot of thumps up, cool car shouts and wows from pretty much everyone I was passing. If I closed my eyes (which I didn’t of course) it was also like cruising down highway 1 from San Francisco to Los Angeles, one thing that is on the very top of my bucket list.

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Up until now a Mustang has only been something for the Americans, but that is not the case anymore. You can now get it all over Europe, including Denmark – and it is not super expensive. You will be surprised actually. If you end up getting a Mustang, I think you should consider one of the bolder colours, like this Triple Yellow or the Ruby Red.

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