My 13 Favorite Scented Candles

I am obsessed with scented candles, always been, always will be. I also know a lot of people who hate them, but I believe that the only scented candle smell they know, it they overpowering one, like you know, the one that hits who when you walk through the candle aisles in Ikea. I’ll show all those people wrong today. Okay, I know you cannot smell all these amazing candles now, but this is my list of scented candles you should keep in store for any occasion.


  1. Skandinavisk Koto blends delicate notes of Baltic amber and schersmin with exotic mandarin and vanilla.
  1. Le Labo Figue is not a straight figue but a figue/blackcurrent blend that makes you want to eat the wax. Please refrain from doing so.
  1. Byredo Bibliothèque captures the essence of an old-fashioned library, “where time stands still and the senses are heightened.


  1. Santal Diptyque a sacred wood, so precious that its dry and mysterious fragrance has filled the centurie
  1. Copenhagen Candle Lab’s Cedarwood capsules the scent of crisp morning air that wakes your senses and floats you high above the forest treetops
  1. Babylonstoren Waterblommetjie this one will perfume the air with waterblommetjie blossoms – a true South African aroma.

Bungalow5_FERM_LIVING_Scented Candle

  1. IIUVO Bullshit is the realisation of idle content that manifests in the no mans land between truth & invention.
  1. The Nomad Society Gypsy Soul has top notes of black raspberry with base notes of peppercorn.
  1. ferm living’s scented candle with fig, the candle is packaged in a striking ceramic pot finished with a reactive glaze


  1. Stilleben Cashmere has a discreet, natural and pure scent, and is reminiscent of ecology and air dried bed linen
  1. Tom Dixon Water a subtle combination of watermelon and amber musk results in a cool and sharp maritime freshness
  1. Fornasetti Silenzio is built around middle notes of Cedarwood, balanced by Thyme and Tolu Balsam
  1. Comme Des Garcons Candle One: Hinoki the fragrance comes from a perfectly still, slightly chilly spring morning spent soaking in an indoor/outdoor tub in Kyoto





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