My 3 Favorite Trends from Stockholm’s Coolest Design Fair

There aren’t many things for which I will board a 5-hour cross county train ride (and back, I might add), but Stockholm Design Week definitely fits the bill; the annual design fair is one of my must-visits. Also, it really proves what I am willing to do to bring you guys the latest in Scandinavian design. Hundreds of brands, from all over Scandinavia to rest of the world, gather to showcase their upcoming design collections set up in their tone-in-tone very photogenic booths. Photogenic if it weren’t for all that bad indoor lighting, of course.

Honestly, Scandinavian design brands are not really pushing the design agenda, they seem to all play it relatively safe. Again, it is a whole lot of tone-in-tone, very monochrome beige, which is not in any way a bad thing, it is very pleasing and calming for sure, just not very new. It really is every Scandinavian design lover’s mecca.

Although I only spent one day at the fair this year, I did manage to spot a few common themes that I will keep an eye on this year.

Showing: Design Of, Re Beds, Dux


As I said, it is all about the tone-in-tone, very monochrome beige right now, at least of you ask 80% of the brands. While I personally wouldn’t mind seeing a little bit more color splashes, everything in the earthy color range is still huge in the Scandinavian interior style. At least it is moving far away from white on white. So, if you haven’t already painted all your walls, this weekend is the perfect time to roll up sleeves and start rolling on those coats of beige.

Showing: Bolon, Doshi Levien, Mazo, Choice


If there is one architectural element that has taken over the design world, it’s the arch – rounded doors, headboards, chairs, couches, magazine holders, you name it, it all got an arch on it. People my age will remember the arch door frames vividly – it was pretty much in every house and you would definitely see it at your local pizzeria. I really like that we are seeing a comeback of the arch. Most houses are just full of very straight hard lines, so a soft round shape is very welcome. Plus, let’s be honest, walking through an arched doorway is just more fun. Sleeping in an arched nook feels more magical. It just is. That’s a very legit fact.

Showing: Re Beds, Form & Refine, Ege Carpets, Ferm Living

Sustainable Textile

The number one textile in the Scandinavian design world is still called bouclé, it is bulky, very comfortable and pleasing for the eye. It breathes new life into any décor really. It still seems pretty fresh to me. From a sustainable point of view, it is not the best fabric, so luckily, more and more brands are using textiles spun with 50% or more reused materials, mostly plastic waste from the oceans are being used – and it still feels surprisingly soft.

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