My 5 Best Tips For Sale Hunting

It is sale season, actually it has been for quite a while now, but I always until it almost last minute, as you will find the best discounts. However, it is super easy to fall into the endless bargain pit and come home with a lot of useless crap that you really don’t need. With my “5 tips for sale hunting” you should be ready for the big S A L E and come home with things you actually need.


  1. First and foremost, always go prepared; make a list with the things you are looking for. It is all about not just buying here and there, even though its all on sale, you need to buy wisely.
  1. Look for the highest discounts. 20-30% discounts is not even worth it, in my book you need at least 40% off before even thinking about sale shopping. Make a plan from home and find the stores that give you the highest discount – and only visit those stores with your shopping list.
  1. A very easy way to avoid impulse buying is online shopping. I actually practice this all the time. Simple tip really. When you have added all your items to the visual basket, leave the site for a good 30 minutes at least, come back and re-evaluate your “purchase” with a pair of “do-I-REALLY-need-that” glasses. I always end up not buying half the things I thought I wanted.
  1. Remember, often there is a reason why things are put on sale, e.g. they couldn’t sell it before and clearing out stock. This means, that most is from previous seasons, so even though you might have wanted the pretty pillow for the past six months, but when you finally get it home, you get bored with it super fast, because you have already looked at it for a long time.
  1. Sale is always good for the basics. Make it a habit to buy your new towels, bed linens and tea towels on sale; this will save you at lot of those hard earn cash.


Now go shop.



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