My Kitchen Gadgets

I am definitely not a foodie, I mean, I like spending time cooking, but I don’t cook to share it with you guys. I would say, I spent more time setting all my kitchen gadgets and items up, to show you guys how to style your kitchen instead.

I recently move my vintage metal shelf into the kitchen to get more space on the actual counter for my basic gadgets I pretty much use every day. One is my coffee machine, an old school filter machine. I grind the coffee beans every time I make a cup, which I think makes the coffee taste better, again, I am not a total foodie, but I do like my coffee. I use a DeLonghi KG40 grinder, which I like because it easily grinds beans up to ten cups.

Another machine I use quite often, not every day though, is my Kenwood kMix. Okay when I say, I use it, it’s the truth with modifications, my roommates use it more. I really don’t enjoy baking, so I let them do it for me. As long as I supply the best kitchen gadgets and gear, they like (or at least that’s what they say) cooking and backing (for me!). I think the kMixer is rather stylish, so I leave it out on the counter instead of having it taking up cupboard space.

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