My LA Home Office Makeover – the Big Reveal

Happy Saturday, guys! I hope your weekend is rocking. My grey home office is finally complete, and I can tick of that top to-do summer project of the list. The Tuff Shed in the far corner of the garden, was pretty much just a space that had been left for storage, and as I like to work a few hours, leave everything out and then come back later, I was kind of driving Mr. LA insane with all my stuff in the middle of the dining room (the house is not big, so I understand his frustration), so we decided to make the shed into my home office. I wanted to fill it with design that reminded me of Denmark, so every morning when I step inside, I would feel a little bit like being home. And we have accomplished just that – so now I have my own creative space, from which I can work (and mess up) whenever I am in LA.

Even though I have a worked up a pretty good self-discipline when it comes to working from home, I find it easier if I have a dedicated space, which is not the dining table, I now a very short commute, down a set of stairs through the garden, to a great airconditioned grey, Scandi vibe home office.

So, let me share some of the details with you and please go check out my initial thought post here. I wanted the inside to feel nice and calm, the big window faces east overlooking the garden, so I have the morning sun straight in, making it super bright in the morning, but quickly the sun is hidden behind the trees, which makes the office darker. There was no doubt that I wanted the walls painted grey (on a side note, I actually went to get Farrow & Ball paint, you know the very pretty and very expensive paint, but as it turns out, not so great. My expectations were sky high, and let’s just say, not met, so took it back, and got paint from Benjamin Moore instead, which was less than half of the price and way better in consistency) and the floor was treated with a grey epoxy finish, making the whole space feel a colder, but still warmish feel to it, which is just perfect in the LA heath.

As for furniture, after sourcing for desk for weeks, I actually ended up turning the big blue and yellow Swedish giant. Well actually, I found the desk, as I was picking up the floating wooden storage cabinets. Here the thing, that floor is very curved, nothing straight about it, so wall mounted storage was the only option and as it turns out, so it the trestles with a loose table top desk (more flexibility). The storage is from the IVAR collection, which is actually meant to be mounted inside a shelving unit, but works perfect directly mounted on the wall (it leans on a 5×3” wood beam and screwed directly into the wall, it’s not going anywhere I tell you).

I turned to Danish byLassen for the office chair, I have exactly the same in Copenhagen, and it is the perfect height, the armrest is also just perfectly proportioned, and it is so very comfy – and they were even so kind to help me ship one here.

The final touch was done with a bit of help from Danish Menu and their US team, Creative Danes, who was super quick to ship everything I needed to make this space feel just like home.

It really is the smaller details that makes this space feel like I am right back in Copenhagen whenever I step inside. I sure will miss it whenever I am not in LA.

//Photos & styling by Allan Torp

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