My LA Home Office Makeover – thoughts + mood board inspiration

On the very top of my to-do list this summer, was to get a shed turned into my home office in LA. I needed a space where I could go just for a few hours in the morning, leave everything out and then come back again in the afternoon. The thing is, I am not good at sitting down too long, and with not being the neatest person in the world, a separate office was the best solution – and why not, the shed was just standing there full of unnecessary piled up stuff.

I would love to be a pure minimalist, but who are we kidding, I am on the verge of getting my own season on “Hoarders”, so to tame some of my mess, I definitely needed somewhere to put everything – optimal storage is ideal.

What I’d love to create is a calm (or as calm as it gets when things for some reason tend to pile up around me VERY quickly), clutter-free office space with great storage, great design pieces and a little bit of Scandi reference.

The entire inside, floors excluded, will be painted in a Coventry Gray by Benjamin Moore, a historic grey with a little bit of warmth to it, but still on the colder side, which seems perfect in the merciless LA sun. Together with a darker epoxy floor I am hoping this will give just the right amount Scandi coolness I am looking for – making the space perfect for days of work.

As the floor is not the straightest of them all, I am thinking a few trestles with a loose, large table top will be ideal as a desk, as this will level out the top a little bit. I am definitely thinking raw, floating IVAR cabinets from IKEA, secured to the walls, will provide optimal hidden storage.

Spending endless hours, I know I want a great chair, not necessarily a desk chair, and since I have been using (and love) the Lassen Chair at my Copenhagen office, why not just stick with that one and get one shipped here. That’s the plan anyway. And finally, I just want to add a few great lamps and other great Danish design pieces here and there.

I can’t wait to get it all finished and just work away with great views of the garden all day long. And of course, I can’t wait to share the finished result with you guys next week, stay tuned!

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