My Latest Vintage Haul – And My Best Vintage Tips

I’ve now turned 40 so that’s my excuse for really embracing the vintage shopping. It might very well also be the fact that there are so many places here in Los Angeles to jump right in and do some good hauls. I’ve only done one “what I bought and why” posts before, and this is another. You guys just have to get use to the fact that I am now in my 40s and will be hitting every antique store and flea market in LA from now on.

From spending the weekend at Pioneertown Ranch, we were on a high wanting to hunt the antique stores of Yucca Valley for great finds for our own cabin. Full disclosure, one of the piece we found, is not in fact vintage, but I thought, we got it on the same haul, so why not just bring it into this post too.

As you might know we are working on a cabin makeover, which means we have cleared out a lot of what was already there, as it had sort become a “collect-it-all we don’t need at the house, but let’s bring it to the cabin”. Now we are slowly filling it up again with thing we genuinely like and both loves. I have, as you know, a tendency to hoard a bit more than most, definitely more than Mr. LA. So, when we do go vintage shopping, I often pull out all sorts of oddities and Mr. LA just say something like “oh that’s fun”, which means, NO.

Let’s look at what we scored at this Joshua Tree haul.

First up: A wooded stool/end table. Not sure where it will end up, but I’ve wanted to bring it more natural elements to the cabin, as it is in the woods, and this one seems pretty perfect. I love that it is not all perfect. It was just $125.

VINTAGE TIP #1: You need at least one VERY GOOD reason to buy vintage (it really goes with everything you buy). A: You are obsessed, you cannot live without it, you need it. B: It is a steal. Or C: Ideally, both A and B!

VINTAGE TIP #2: Bring your finds to the counter accordingly. Not to sleep on it, but then you’ll have some time to think and come back to look at it all again. Go through the list of #1 again and decide if you still want to bring it all home.

Two smaller ceramic vases also made the cut. Using my own #1, not sure it was a MUST have CANNOT live without them situation, but they were pretty well priced, and you should really never leave a good steal behind. They were both $20 each and both from the 60s. I really like the brown glacing.

And you know what else you should NEVER pass up?

… ceramic hand painted middle eastern figurines.

Back to my point on me being the hoarder in the relationship. I am not sure if Mr. LA felt sorry that I didn’t get the metallic horse I first found, so he gave in with these two, as they might be easier to hide away. Don’t know. I think they are fun and will for sure look great in whatever styling situation I’ll have going on. And they make me smile. So hey, why not. They were only $10 and $12. The female one was more, which I love! $2 extra for the baby she is carrying as the woman behind the counter said.

Lastly, more art to hoard.

Mr. LA is obsessed with vintage paint-by-numbers – and I have to agree, they are perfect for the cabin. Although we did find 2 smaller ones too, we just decided that one bigger one was enough. We already have a handful. DON’T OVERDUE IT.

I have been changing a frame vintage British flag for a while, since Mr. LA (and his mom) is in fact from the UK. I was thinking it would make a nice feature for them to have something reminding them of their origin when at the cabin. However, Mr. LA found this vintage DANISH flag, which we (mostly me) NEEDED. It was about $125. Not super cheap, but framing alone here is so expensive, so a great find.

There you go guys. My second vintage LA haul and I am digging it. I still have that really amazing steal, like my friend who just found two Le Corbusier armchairs at just $300. That’s $150 each! I’ll keep looking.

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