My Sustainable Autumn Formland Preview

It’s been a week since arriving to LA, we went straight down to Newport Beach to see friends, but now there are no excuses for not blogging, since I am back at the house. While we have barely started the summer, I want to look a bit forward, as I am so excited to work with the Danish fair Formland once again for the new season.

The fair is returning mid August and so will I. And this time I am actually doing more than just visiting, as I am currently working on a “selected by” area, which in short is a selection of my favorite from various vendors… and I will also be hosting a blogger tour. Long time readers, might remember I have a bit of experience hosting blogger tours, so I am happy to be creating a tour once again.

One of the things I really want to focus on this season and something I will definitely keep an eye out for are brands with a sustainable approach. I have already noted a bunch of brands I am excited to visit, which I will be sharing in a moment, but I am also hoping to see even more brands pushing the sustainable agenda even more.


If you are super fast, you can get a ticket for the fair at 75%, so only 50 DKK. But you’ll have to register TODAY!!


More and more brands are focusing on sustainable production. If a brand isn’t at least using FSC-certified wood in making their designs today, I really do think it’s about time. I would love to see more Danish brands bringing their production back closer to home, you would be amazed about how many brands actually get their very high end and very expensive designs made in Asia. Sadly the prices have even gone up after they have moved their production, only making their earnings even bigger. Do you think about the sustainable aspect when buying new design for your home?


Here’s my list of brands with a sustainable approach that I am looking forward to checking out.

Træfolk, a brand started just a few years ago by two wood loving guys, hence the name, træ being tree and folk being people. Recently they launched a new round dining table (pictured above), which I am dying to see in real life. Other than the new table they have a lot of cool furniture in wood and a lot of nice accessories as well. Definitely a must visit for me in August.

Humdakin is actually one of my favorite cleaning supply brands, a Danish company, started in 2016 by Camilla, mom to three kids btw. All products are allergy friendly and made from natural ingredients you’ll find in the Nordic nature. All products are also vegan and cruelty-free.


Umage is all about making an effort, that’s literally what the brand name means in Danish. With a name like that there are really no cutting corners. I really like that they not only think about the materials, but also creating all their products able to be flat-packed, to optimize global logistics, reduce storage and transportation costs, which obviously make their designs more accessible and affordable.

Care By Me might me mostly targeted women, but it’s still a brand I want to know more about. Maybe mostly because of their approach to production, all GOTS certified, which means all organic materials and just as important, great conditions for the employees working in the fields and factories.


Iittala might be owned by Fiskars (which is not all sustainable), but more or less all of iittala’s glass items are produced in their own glass factory in Finland. I have always loved the iittala brand and they certainly keep creating new and amazing glass items, including the new Raami collection.

Ro Collection is another Danish brand that I have followed mostly on the sideline even though I really love their many products. They aim to only manufacture in Europe, and of course only FSC certified wood and glass with pure color pigments. My favorites are their art wooden pieces.

Paper Collective is always presenting something new and cool for your walls, and I know that they wont disappoint at the upcoming Formland fair either – I have seen a few sneaks myself. I love that when you buy a Paper Collective poster you also help with building a new school in rural Nepal, fully financed by PC poster sales.


 Paid partnership with Formland. Thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. Thanks for supporting collaborations that I am excited about and that have kept Bungalow5’s doors open.



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